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Kim Barrows RN, BSN

President of KB-Post Acute Strategic Specialists (KB-PASS)


KB-PASS provides services for clients that are involved in providing health care for both acute and post-acute healthcare settings. KB-PASS is recognized for developing holistic programs that place facilities at the forefront of their competitors. The programs’ initiatives have also created relationships with premier local hospitals unlike any other within the industry. These partnerships have been instrumental in dramatically improving resident outcomes and increasing occupancy resulting in financial success. The company is built upon a strong background in post-acute care. Kim Barrows is recognized as an expert in the industry. She developed programs to maximize reimbursement that also reduce risk. Her accomplishments have been nationally recognized by industry leaders and organizations such as the American Health Care Association. She is also a Subject Matter Expert for Health Care Academy, an online learning company that provides competency based educational lessons. 


Kim developed the Cardiac Recovery Program which caught the attention of local media such as WLWT News on two separate occasions.  It has also been recognized in reputable health care publications such as Provider Magazine, Senior Care Guide and The Cincinnati Enquirer. The program’s success and recognition also captured the interest of The Christ Hospital and Ohio Heart Cardiologists. Kim Barrows and the Principal Investigator, Dr. Santosh Menon, MD, FACC, lead an IRB that focused on Tele-Health Implementation for Congestive Heart Failure Patients’ Continuum of Care: From Skilled Nursing Facility to Home with a Focus on Reduced Admissions and Improved Operational Financials. This project was nominated and will be presented in September 2015 at the 19th Annual Heart Failure Society Associational Meeting in Maryland.  In conjunction with the IRB, Kim implemented the first Moderately Complex Laboratory within a Skilled Nursing Facility which improved the operation’s financials and patient care.


Kim Barrows has proven the ability to successfully oversee clinical practices and reimbursement for skilled nursing facilities increasing the net annual income.  She is adept at leading high performing teams along with mentoring and training employees.  She has initiated and facilitated multiple advancements with organizations including survey compliance, risk management, electronic charting which at the same time significantly improved reimbursement. 


KB-PASS has successfully configured software to drive best clinical practices. Our experience includes EPIC on the acute care side and Point Click Care and ECS on the post-acute care side. The configuration of the software allows the user a smooth work flow that meets Medicare documentation requirements, encourages best practices and captures documentation to maximize reimbursement.


Kim Barrows has presented to the healthcare industry in multiple states including Ohio, New Jersey, Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., North Dakota, Arizona, Maine and for the American Health Care Association on implementing strategies to be successful while juggling the changes within healthcare reform. Please see calendar for future events. 

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