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MDS Training



KB-PASS can audit your organization's record to confirm that assessments are being completed timely and accurately and at the same time optimizing reimbursement. As organizations focus on maximizing reimbursement, they also need to be cognizant that CMS in now scrutinizing the accuracy of the MDS.  Our team will work with providers to achieve not only financial success but at the same time ensure data is accurate and valid. 


Services include:

  • MDS Process

  • Maximizing & Managing Reimbursement for Medicare

  • PPS coding and scheduling

  • MDS coding issues significant to PPS reimbursement

  • RUGS IV classification clinical indicators

  • RUGS IV ADL scoring

  • Reconciling State/CMS reports

  • Skilling Criteria

  • Billing and Revenue cycles



Maximizing & Managing Reimbursement for Medicaid:

  • OBRA coding and scheduling

  • MDS coding issues significant to case mix reimbursement

  • ADL training

  • Reconciling State/CMS reports



Quality Measures (QMs):

  • How assessments are used to generate QMs

  • QM record definitions

  • Basic calculation of QMs

  • Risk Adjustment and the impact on QMs

  • How to interpret CASPER reports

  • Short stay vs Long stay measures

  • QMs triggered by MDS coding items




For additional information, please feel free to contact KB-PASS. 

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