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EHR Configuration



KB-PASS understands the importance of post-acute care environment and implementing and utilizing a successful EHR. Our team understands the best strategies that directly impact work flow and drive best clinical practices for Medicare charting and reimbursement. 


Our Team is experienced with managing and implementing software on the acute and post-acute care side. We assist the provider with a baseline assessment of their documentation process to develop a more efficient and user-friendly system. 


Services provided:

  • Implementation

    • Assist in selecting an EHR

    • Assess current EHR or paper system

    • Configuration of EHR

      • Physician Orders

      • eMAR

      • Clinical Assessments

      • Care Plans

      • Risk Management

      • STNA Charting

      • Flowsheets

      • Progress Notes

    • Training Key Staff members

    • Data Entry

  • Optimization/Training

    • Train key staff on utilizing current clinical EHR more efficiently

    • Introduce new strategies to improve the effectiveness of current EHR

  • Developing Policy and Procedures

  • Monitoring 

    • Monitor staff compliance

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